Some Days Before

Some Days Before I Would Stare At Stars
I Was Overwhelmed By The Company I Saw
No Expectations No Desires They Just Shone
Equal They Seemed No Cause—No Flaw

Some Days Before I Would Whisper With Breeze
I Was Mesmerized By The Swift It Blew
Neither It Throbbed Nor It Hurt
Rather It Sang With Me Among Ruthless Crew

Some Days Before I Would Walk On Dark
I Was Enchanted By The Calm It Had
No Showoff,It Seemed A Real World
Together Along We Were Happy So Glad

Now I Walk On Bright And Still The Breeze Sings
When I See The Stars I Am Still Overwhelmed
Nights Are Awesome Since I Can Pour Everything
I Have My Hugs To Receive And Loves To Send


Rainfall Without Water Drops

Rainfall Without Water Drops

We enjoy all resources of mother nature
Day and Night
Till we survive
We take from it and it renews for us
But this cycle is not going far
With the things we do
Pollution, Chopping down crops
Which will lead us to the day
When there will be rainfall,without water drops

Look!!the flower blooms and wind make the dance
The sunrise and make possible to take a glace
Mountains, Hills, Rivers and stream
Brings us cool breeze and set us to dream
And we betray these all letting it to fall
Everything we do turn against the huge ball
Where we live bursting the mothers rock
That will lead us to the day
When there will be rainfall, without water drops

Industries, Factories, Companies
are synonyms for dust, pollution and smoke we have
and civilization, generation, population
for the nature we agre gonna lack
We cut the trees and settle us down
Drfeating nature, we put the crown
And shout for conserving and to love mother
Which will slowly lead us to the day
When there will be rainfall, without ater drops

Never Born

Hello People!!
Do You Hear Me?
Oh!Yeah I Guess You Do
Coz God Sent Me
With Powers To Speak
With Powers You All Have
—–I could smile so bright
Could have felt mum’s hug so warm
and tight
Love of my parents,Plays with my friends
My world could have been so big and bright
I could run and scream and feel the breeze
And whisper along with them flowing my glee’s
I could be dreaming something at night on sleep
If i’d life i would never let it flip
I could murmur in pain and drop the tears
So that those drops never remain unclear
Not these white velvet duds ..colorful i would
have worn
I could even breathe the air and sing a song
But my wish didn’t came true
Cause  I Am Never Born..

Mirage Of Misery

Mirage Of Misery 

We hear the song, we feel its word
Our heart’s demon and we pray the lord
We’re already in ,we expect more fame
Dreams are different but we follow the same

We glee with love,we wonder for more
It struck with fence then God! Its bore
Sad when broke, Attached!!It wow
We knock destiny with head, So why wont it sore?

We work on doubt we’re sad for free
Think our thoughts wrong and don’t agree 
We’re never bounded by but we always worry
Its not real life rather Mirage of Misery