From Where Do I Instigate?

From Where Do I Instigate?

From where do I instigate?

Is it from the concaved feelings where I stand right now?


From the veracity I ascended in the feelings i have.

From where do I Instigate?

Is it from the anguish of shade of pseudonym of companions?


From the hilarity of the presence of them with its shade

From Where Do I ?

The childhood passed with my princess sister

She, washing a piece of cloth all day

I used to see her, though i wasn’t in an intend to stay

I, I don’t know what kept me away to play

The school I joined was too much fun

But for me it was faded –so grey

No-one actually talked intensely

I just waited; no one to speak, nothing to say

The age ahead and I turned 13

Went to worship, for a friend I pray

Who knew it would tear me down?

And keep me in an unseen display

From where do I instigate?

Is it from the revulsion of mien?

Or from the expectation of solitude to slay

From where do I?

I used to go for a cycling

The reminiscences are now as wrecked as stray

Being different was the then like a felony

It slowly embedded me to go ashtray

Should I begin how much my need weigh?

None are going to understand,

They are used to with betray

And these fucking feelings are rigid to convey

It’s easy for me to write an essay

But for a core pal to find, I can’t even reach halfway

See me physically, don’t I look so okay?

But even the best artist of the world

Find complex for an unseen to portray

From where do I instigate?

Is it from where I defray?

Or from what made me delay?

From where do I?

I talk with them everyday

I know everything goes smooth like ballet

But suddenly the nostalgic conviction strikes

The fragments of superfluous diversion it spray

It takes me swiftly to the blues through sway

And i disappoint–

How can they make themselves stay?

The more I eased myself to purvey

It seems I’m dumb, so overplay

Still there is nothing I can say

I desire to bestow them a hiatus

But my soul; It disobey

From where do I instigate?

Is it from the filthy disgraced annoying toupee?

Or from what causes me dismay?

From where Do I?

I once made a best friend

Younger than me but closer oh yeah

I told I love him openly

I did and they made it gay

It turned over, I stroked into her

I needed a friend though, where did she lay?

Bottom, Top or Aside of heart

Still endured and conjured by flay

By now I have ended 20 cups of coffee

Its bond of compassion but obsession i needed to pay

Through every months Jan, Feb, March, April and May

Till December it flings, splinter my sentiments away

From where do I instigate?

Is it from where I began to unravel on bay?

Or from what reflected the ruthless ray?

From where do I?


Never Born

Hello People!!
Do You Hear Me?
Oh!Yeah I Guess You Do
Coz God Sent Me
With Powers To Speak
With Powers You All Have
—–I could smile so bright
Could have felt mum’s hug so warm
and tight
Love of my parents,Plays with my friends
My world could have been so big and bright
I could run and scream and feel the breeze
And whisper along with them flowing my glee’s
I could be dreaming something at night on sleep
If i’d life i would never let it flip
I could murmur in pain and drop the tears
So that those drops never remain unclear
Not these white velvet duds ..colorful i would
have worn
I could even breathe the air and sing a song
But my wish didn’t came true
Cause  I Am Never Born..