Beyond The Boundary

I’m an ordinary guy wit ordinary life and thought. I’m a soul with pigmented dreams within an echoed darkness. I’m a human with a friend who have made my world a complete place to live.And this is my story.
Somewhere in this lavish earth,there I belonged chasing my own shadow with the unspoken rivalry between my isolation and companionship. Meanwhile, I found a zenith of good friendship whom I like to call a Best Friend.
Proverb says ,”Nobody on the earth receive the two hemisphere.” But it is my life which got such a sailor who anchored my drifting spirit at the shore of constancy. I was alone once,and now, I have to scrutinize my dictionary to find out what the word actually man. In short, it is the strong disquisition for my life is no longer the same as it used to be my loneliness has been replaced with a fear of losing my dearest friend by any cardinal blow of fate and I’m on the hunch of the invariant dilemma,continuously -“Wondering between the two world,far beyond the boundary.”
It was when I was on the depth of the despair praying the lord for sending the gleam of hope which penetrate my grief throughout and bring the glaze of smile on my face. I was totally lost on my immature thought ad was seeking if someone can ease me emotionally. I felt like I was all alone despite of being in the limelight of an engrossed family. In the circle of my friendship, I lacked the one who could cleanly understand.
On those harsh time, I got a best friend aside me who built me as a confident spirit. When everything was into negative ,he taught me to seek positive outlook. Sooner he became the one who knew all the nitty-gritties of my life. The dream I shared with a best-friend began to be identical and when I was afraid if it gets scattered, he held up the mirror and show me heart. That fortunately brought the positive perception in me.
I had certainly lost the faith from having a close mate after being abhorrent because of various trifle issues, he abridged my logic and collapsed it. He belongs to the place which is far across the border of countries,he speak the language I can hardly understand but we are bound together sharing the open,broad and a single sky.