A passion increased more and more and more with my age. The more I became passionate, the more i attempted to seek the world where I could make my words exist. Where I can keep my best friend, my feelings, my emotions safely.
I never know what really a blog is like. I read few where I’m touched by feelings. I follow everyone rapidly and hopefully few follows me back. If I’d ever known what blog is in really, this wouldn’t have been this scrutinized. It would go on with a rhythm, a flow or say a firm standard. Well, hope I will manage it soon in early days.
I am Saugat. I don’t have thousands of followers on Facebook or Twitter but still I’m popular. I don’t usually keep the pics of my Abs stretching all 6 squares in my stomach which I even don’t have but still I’m recognized nor I have that perfect vocabularies, synonyms or English but still I’m read.
Br profession I’m a trainer. Soft Skill Trainer certified by London Chamber of Commerce Industry(LCCI,Nepal) and Scottish Qualification Authority(SQA). I go to schools and train regarding Personality Development especially. I believe simplicity and have strong faith in affection. I love Writing and Singing most among Photography, Cooking, Social Service, Chatting and many more.
I am an extrovert and really great when making new friends, talking in the mass. I get along with close friends and enjoy chatting with them, meanwhile, I am quiet impressive in my own eyes on making new companies and communicate with them. . I am generally considered ‘A positive energy’  and almost always am willing to do what I want to do. To be honest, It wasn’t till I was faced with a million miles of highway that my desire for words came alive. I started with writing small poems with childish words and rhymes since my school days. Was self motivated but my words were more into the dark; The shadow in where I thought was overlapped by different hindrances around my world.Well that was just my assumption as I went by being more natural and you know ” Amazing” for myself. I admire Law of Attraction . Each day I wake up the first thing I do is that I call myself as my own best friend. I love it! 🙂
Well! Thats all. If you want to know and be my friend, Mr. Saugat Singh Saud is always ready. Click on my name in the sentence previous than this sentence which will take you directly to my Facebook.  Lastly, never judge anyone because every one has their own story. We only get life for once and its our own way how sacred we can be. Enjoy! :):) Never Give Up and World Stay Connected!

5 thoughts on “Me

  1. I hope to see your positive energies spilling out in this blog, Saugat! We all start with small baby steps. Just keep on blogging, you’ll learn along the way!

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