Prodigious Regrets

Prodigious Regrets

I removed a friend from a facebook just because she didn’t value me. I felt neglected and I even dared un-friend some of my good mates just because I always needed to be first to message them. That “Remove Friend” was important for me more that our real “Friend” button stable within our effortless connection. Later I gain consciousness of what I did was foolish thing ever done. I begin to unravel the concentrated illusion I was living on and most people today live on. I regret.

There is always an obscurity if you remember something that you regret when you are in the middle of the crowd full of day light or lying on your bed in the midnight. That enormous pain, that bulky desperation and that crazy disappoint causing laments makes you go crazy along with it. It makes you feel numb if that regret is caused because of that still going misapprehension in your frantic consciousness. It responds your intellect to produce more and more reasons to be faded by the world of regrets. That raises the hypocrisy within your own mind and sucks you till you go anesthetized in a complete disenchantment. We know we are failing ourselves with this constant allergy but why do we still regret?

You fall in love and you get separated. And you remember later that you fall in love with wrong one and you start “regretting” but surprisingly your mind doesn’t respond that maybe there were some flaws that’s why you were separated. Maybe there wasn’t true love ever, that’s why you were separated. There should have been too much of complexity and no will to create the solution. Still, if there was a connection, true affection and compassion there wouldn’t be any such complexity. Then, why do we excite regret to kiss us for that paradoxical immaturity?

You buy a new Android without seeing the reviews. Slowly the speed slows down. Camera stops working and your battery drains as fast even if you keep the cell-phone still. Then we start blaspheme and start telling “Shit! Darn, why did I even buy it?”  More or less we even say “Argh! This disgusting brand” and even prevent others to buy as well. Why do we regret?

In the teen prospectus there even simple things that they regret on.  You called someone on birthday, later you feel it ruined. “Why did I call her even?” We go to the party paying a good amount and later we find DJ isn’t good and we say “I shouldn’t have paid and come in this worthless thingy.” It happen the same in the cinema. It’s even when they join college and just after 2 months they regret telling “God! This college is too much.” We buy a chocolate in a superstore and pay high. We don’t see the Cocoa percentage and later after finding it bitter we say “Shit! I bought it in vain. I should have looked that it’s a heavy dark chocolate.” Why do we regret in every steps we take. Take a bus fully packed and when you drop at your station “Uff! I couldn’t even sit once. I shouldn’t have come in this bus. I should have waited.” There is regret in every move and that we specially love remembering while sleeping, we cause that “insomnia” for a night, we panic, we regret. Most surprising thing is that you regret for one thing and suddenly the things piled up. For example: “You go to eat Mo: Mo with a friend in a small road side restaurant. You unwillingly eat because you were with friends and everyone was enjoying it. You were the part of that fun and you ate maximum 2 pieces. You go home and you suddenly out of nowhere you feel ache on your stomach. You have that urgency to visit the W/C rapidly. A feeling in that urgency, “I shouldn’t have eaten that. The place was so dirty. I told them I don’t want to eat. It’s all because of my friends. They wanted me to eat.” Your facebook status on that time will be “Oie guys. Let’s never go to the Mo: Mo centre we went today.” Your mind constantly rises “Why did I even eat that?” We have that sudden regrets every time.

But is that what we call regret?


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