Fathomless Sorrow

The divine integration with grin we have
Can it rest throughout full life?
Who told the moments are always gorgeous?
Can it delight your wits whole time?
Do the words you hear spellbind your heed?
Can the sugary love never roll that lime?

Tears fall and scatters on ground
Will there be idol to hold forever?
Can you delay for words to explain?
When the world says the sooner the better
When you’re lost somewhere however?
Can you still remain that very clever?

Those globes you think yours
Will they be always on favor?
Can the biggest smile fascinate all your care?
Those thoughts you weave can’t always be so braver
Think and say can you let your beam get borrow?
Blast the trance 
Let yourself explore with truth of fathomless sorrow.


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