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Saugat Singh Saud



Right when we remember getting our hands on Computer Keyboard for the first time and how after year we can type the alphabets without watching it in the keyboard. From the moment we wake up and we automatically boost up our self to take a shower, brush teeth or go to gym, put gel in the hair, prepare for work or school.

At home as we enter, what do we do first? Pull off the shoes and go for a quick fresh up, Open the favorite cartoon in the television or directly hover on internet using facebook. Why these reactions do happen automatically? Why do we do what we want to do?

In the modern education world it has been really important for all of us to maintain our habits. We all have a good one and bad one. Dragging ourselves to our personal life and moving gradually in the education and business life, it is very important for every one of us to thoroughly change our habits but the main question is how we change habit.

Habit simply is the practice we follow or say the pattern we live like.  From early days of our life our parents has made us brush our teeth, eat breakfast and so many such things. We have been doing it regularly that it automatically transmits through your mind. So now when you wake up, you routinely get your slippers on to do everything that you have been practicing since so long.

Same thing goes at school as well when we take ourselves to the Nursery sections where the kids are hardly managing to write a prober A and how gradually they improve day by day and finally achieve it and slowly becomes able to write word, sentence and essays. It happens because of the practice they do, the habit we create in the mind of those little kids. That which is most essential in the modern education process for all those who have their part in the field of education.

Classroom Habit

Classroom Habit clearly points on the classroom culture, the culture that teachers have deposited at the first day of the class when he presented himself in-front of the students. It includes two basic components that student plays in their mind as soon as teacher enters in the classroom as I have noticed.

1) Personality: This includes both “Internal” and “External” factors of personality. The way teacher has groomed himself to the pitch of the voice he is producing in the classroom. How kind is the teacher or how strict he became in the first day of the class. What experience and educational background does the teacher possess? It even matters how good his language skills are and how good does he use the body language. The teacher’s personality plays a vital role in powering up the Classroom Habits.


2) Pattern of Teaching: When I was in school, I used to have a teacher who was new and every Friday he would celebrate Good Friday. We used to sing, tell jokes and shout “Thank God it’s Friday”. The class would over like this every Friday and sometimes when he told to continue syllabus on some Fridays we certainly didn’t felt happy. The reason we felt bad and not focused in our studies was because we have been following that pattern for a long time. It had become our Habit to celebrate Friday.

We teachers are way too concerned in why students are making noise while he is teaching. We often question ourselves if we are doing something wrong or sometimes we question our profession but we most of the time fail to recognize the pattern we have set since the beginning of the class.

     Habit Loop

Here is the pictorial demonstration of Habit Circle



Source: The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg


This is exactly how the habit has been created. This is why we have been doing what we are doing since long. The reason we are brushing our teeth or taking a shower is because of this process within our brain.  

1) Cue: Cue (Indication or Signal) that brings up your mind to work on the specific habit.

2) Routine: Routine (Practice) that can be physical, emotional or mental.

3) Reward: Reward (Gift or Prize or Return) that helps us to remember the particular thing is memorable for the future.

     Creating the Classroom Habit:

As I already stated that classroom habit is totally in the hands of the teachers. First thing the teacher can do is to create the connection among the students and extracting the cues to work on with. It helps in establishing the trustworthy and healthy relation between teacher and student which is very important to go on with the effective classes ahead till the whole session which can be done through something like icebreaking sessions or classroom activities which helps a lot in breaking the barrier between teacher-student relations. Furthermore the effective lesson plan is the most important thing that the teacher should follow before the actual session begins. This helps a lot to take both syllabus and extra activities to keep away that monotonous feeling those students feel meanwhile the session. It is always very important for us teachers to recognize when students are feeling lack of confidence to understand the material covered. It helps a lot for the astonishing classroom atmosphere and also to recapture students’ attention in the lessons and ultimately get good results.

Likewise, setting up the classroom activities like to generate the habit of speaking English. The best way can be rewarding with some gifts the student who performs best in the classroom activity of English reading, writing and listening can be done to influence the habit of improving English skills in the class.


The classroom activity such as reading, composing the story, essays, dialogue, or listening and answering etc becomes the cue to the students that makes their routine to practice because their mind is constantly craving the reward they are going to receive.

There are various such techniques that depend on our own analysis on what can be the effective way to develop the habit of students. When I was at school, to make a habit of speaking in English in the class, there was a rule of collecting the Fine as a punishment for not speaking in English. That certainly helped to develop a habit of English speaking inside the particular class at least.




Source: http://www.bing.com


The above picture can be helpful to make students aware about effective habits that can make them happy


From Where Do I Instigate?

From Where Do I Instigate?

From where do I instigate?

Is it from the concaved feelings where I stand right now?


From the veracity I ascended in the feelings i have.

From where do I Instigate?

Is it from the anguish of shade of pseudonym of companions?


From the hilarity of the presence of them with its shade

From Where Do I ?

The childhood passed with my princess sister

She, washing a piece of cloth all day

I used to see her, though i wasn’t in an intend to stay

I, I don’t know what kept me away to play

The school I joined was too much fun

But for me it was faded –so grey

No-one actually talked intensely

I just waited; no one to speak, nothing to say

The age ahead and I turned 13

Went to worship, for a friend I pray

Who knew it would tear me down?

And keep me in an unseen display

From where do I instigate?

Is it from the revulsion of mien?

Or from the expectation of solitude to slay

From where do I?

I used to go for a cycling

The reminiscences are now as wrecked as stray

Being different was the then like a felony

It slowly embedded me to go ashtray

Should I begin how much my need weigh?

None are going to understand,

They are used to with betray

And these fucking feelings are rigid to convey

It’s easy for me to write an essay

But for a core pal to find, I can’t even reach halfway

See me physically, don’t I look so okay?

But even the best artist of the world

Find complex for an unseen to portray

From where do I instigate?

Is it from where I defray?

Or from what made me delay?

From where do I?

I talk with them everyday

I know everything goes smooth like ballet

But suddenly the nostalgic conviction strikes

The fragments of superfluous diversion it spray

It takes me swiftly to the blues through sway

And i disappoint–

How can they make themselves stay?

The more I eased myself to purvey

It seems I’m dumb, so overplay

Still there is nothing I can say

I desire to bestow them a hiatus

But my soul; It disobey

From where do I instigate?

Is it from the filthy disgraced annoying toupee?

Or from what causes me dismay?

From where Do I?

I once made a best friend

Younger than me but closer oh yeah

I told I love him openly

I did and they made it gay

It turned over, I stroked into her

I needed a friend though, where did she lay?

Bottom, Top or Aside of heart

Still endured and conjured by flay

By now I have ended 20 cups of coffee

Its bond of compassion but obsession i needed to pay

Through every months Jan, Feb, March, April and May

Till December it flings, splinter my sentiments away

From where do I instigate?

Is it from where I began to unravel on bay?

Or from what reflected the ruthless ray?

From where do I?

Prodigious Regrets

Prodigious Regrets

I removed a friend from a facebook just because she didn’t value me. I felt neglected and I even dared un-friend some of my good mates just because I always needed to be first to message them. That “Remove Friend” was important for me more that our real “Friend” button stable within our effortless connection. Later I gain consciousness of what I did was foolish thing ever done. I begin to unravel the concentrated illusion I was living on and most people today live on. I regret.

There is always an obscurity if you remember something that you regret when you are in the middle of the crowd full of day light or lying on your bed in the midnight. That enormous pain, that bulky desperation and that crazy disappoint causing laments makes you go crazy along with it. It makes you feel numb if that regret is caused because of that still going misapprehension in your frantic consciousness. It responds your intellect to produce more and more reasons to be faded by the world of regrets. That raises the hypocrisy within your own mind and sucks you till you go anesthetized in a complete disenchantment. We know we are failing ourselves with this constant allergy but why do we still regret?

You fall in love and you get separated. And you remember later that you fall in love with wrong one and you start “regretting” but surprisingly your mind doesn’t respond that maybe there were some flaws that’s why you were separated. Maybe there wasn’t true love ever, that’s why you were separated. There should have been too much of complexity and no will to create the solution. Still, if there was a connection, true affection and compassion there wouldn’t be any such complexity. Then, why do we excite regret to kiss us for that paradoxical immaturity?

You buy a new Android without seeing the reviews. Slowly the speed slows down. Camera stops working and your battery drains as fast even if you keep the cell-phone still. Then we start blaspheme and start telling “Shit! Darn, why did I even buy it?”  More or less we even say “Argh! This disgusting brand” and even prevent others to buy as well. Why do we regret?

In the teen prospectus there even simple things that they regret on.  You called someone on birthday, later you feel it ruined. “Why did I call her even?” We go to the party paying a good amount and later we find DJ isn’t good and we say “I shouldn’t have paid and come in this worthless thingy.” It happen the same in the cinema. It’s even when they join college and just after 2 months they regret telling “God! This college is too much.” We buy a chocolate in a superstore and pay high. We don’t see the Cocoa percentage and later after finding it bitter we say “Shit! I bought it in vain. I should have looked that it’s a heavy dark chocolate.” Why do we regret in every steps we take. Take a bus fully packed and when you drop at your station “Uff! I couldn’t even sit once. I shouldn’t have come in this bus. I should have waited.” There is regret in every move and that we specially love remembering while sleeping, we cause that “insomnia” for a night, we panic, we regret. Most surprising thing is that you regret for one thing and suddenly the things piled up. For example: “You go to eat Mo: Mo with a friend in a small road side restaurant. You unwillingly eat because you were with friends and everyone was enjoying it. You were the part of that fun and you ate maximum 2 pieces. You go home and you suddenly out of nowhere you feel ache on your stomach. You have that urgency to visit the W/C rapidly. A feeling in that urgency, “I shouldn’t have eaten that. The place was so dirty. I told them I don’t want to eat. It’s all because of my friends. They wanted me to eat.” Your facebook status on that time will be “Oie guys. Let’s never go to the Mo: Mo centre we went today.” Your mind constantly rises “Why did I even eat that?” We have that sudden regrets every time.

But is that what we call regret?

The Bequest I Earned Ceaselessly

It’s today been two years.

The Bequest I Earned Ceaselessly

And then he went. The clasp of aunt in the terminal of airport vacated all the moment in my eyes as the final tears. Yet, it was going to be long-lasting memory that was going to remain as strength for rest going years.

It was 10th October 2012 when I heard my cousins were going to come back from Scotland to celebrate Dashain and Tihar, the biggest festival of Nepal. At first it seemed grey like “Who Cares?”  But the miracle happened as we bonded up together. Much strong then we were as a child, much stronger than an existing relation we had with anyone.

Well, needless to say about the gifts I was going to get, the chocolates I was going to taste but that didn’t tempt me anytime when they arrived. Everything was like before. Ten days after following to their arrival we were gathering up in my sister’s house along with my Niece and Nephew, Brother-in-Law and more. It was my party time with my college friends the same day and I still remember that fantastic chilled beer and that rock-hard untamed dance with my close mates and yet to know friends. Close enough to get dizzy because of limitless amount of ABV.

The plan was to be in my sister’s house. But till 8 PM I was booming over the gravelled road enjoying the new breeze with unlimited thoughts rolling over my mind. The frequency of emotions rose due to fear of darkness and subconscious psyche. I got called for at least 7 times on my cell for not coming home till late. Then the other fear rose if my sister finds that I’m drunk. Well, they didn’t found out coz I was instinctive.

I entered to hall with big LCD screen of Sony Televisions. Greeted everyone with nasty attitude, kind of pretending you know. I had to because of the freaked out formalities. Well, I was close to a sleep when I saw a cute, little boy sleeping in the bed. Calm, Soft and mesmerizing. That was the first time I was seeing him and didn’t even know who he was. The night ended with a no-dream situation. Only a sound sleeps where the obscurity blew my mind off.

The new morning, fresh shower but was still the same me. Uff! How could I be so reckless that I didn’t get hold of any attire to change? Well, I still conveyed myself that I was good. My clothes are clean. The morning was going on well. I was too much keen to the spiritual things and counselling things. It was one of my passions and meanwhile it was my Brother-in-Law who was telling all of us about SWOT analysis and their importance. Well, but I was not too open with them. There was and is always an Ice between the relations we have, a family drama but more the Ice of them being the family with prosperity and money and us the in-between class.

I heard the boy for first time; it was magnificent English with a total British accent. Aww! That was so cute. I asked for what his name was but how could he trust to tell about himself to a complete stranger. He was annoying. He was crying too much but still there was an attachment with me.  We were on swing, some were on bikes and I was still on the firm route of knowing about the little kid who spoke Nepali but in a British line of attack. He had too much chocolates and that made him sick, I just got that and everyone were planning to go for a movie that night in a shopping precinct and I was with no good shirts, pants and money in my pocket. Well, I managed to buy one but still I was uncomfortable. We were having lunch together in the grounded cosy table and that same naughty, crying, annoying little boy was sitting next to me. Everyone was eating well and all of a sudden he heaved whatever he ate. Then all were like “Yuck!!” when I carried him to the next hall, cleaned him and changed his clothes. This was the turnover. I took him to the terrace, asked him about how he was feeling and then took out first snap through the new camera I got.

We then became closer. He wouldn’t leave me and I would care him like I have ever cared anyone. Wherever we went, together, I used to carry him on my lap, telling him stories and I giving attention to his fairy tales. And I still didn’t know who actually he was. But I didn’t care as I always wished to have brother, whom I felt I got. Later I knew he was son of Tulsi Thapa and Pashupati Thapa, my treasured aunt and uncle. Well, that’s insane right? But yeah like I told I didn’t cared about them at all and I never wanted to. We were part of two worlds where I was with my own attitude and them with their own logics.

It was hard for me coz I was truly obsessed with those hungry emotions and affection Abhishek gave me. Oh right! His name is Abhishek. Furthermore it was hard for me to resist to not to go, knowing that my brother was just 1 kms away from where I lived. And when I had a quality time together, I couldn’t say but hoped the time stayed still. Damn! It moved on.

Then, my vacation begun. I was now free from a little responsibility I had in my restaurant. I couldn’t miss the chance of meeting everyone again, enjoying with all and me cooking sausage for all at Ajay’s home. Ajay is my friend. Sushil (Cousin), Anil (Brother above Abhishek) flying kites. Everything went adorable. This was what I waited for all festive season. An affection of the one whom I never expected from became my glorious moment of the year. Abhishek and I had become much closer. It was I know wrong to be obsessive but for me everything was fare. I would scold Apsara (My princess sister above Anil and Abhishek) when she used to shout at Abhishek and she use to tell that “You are spoiling him. Saugat Dai you are totally obsessed.”  Why that phrase did hurtle me so much? That made me freaking malevolent like an unsophisticated guy.

My brother-in-law and all my uncles planned for the rafting. That was the new thing that I was going to enjoy with my cousins and everyone. Nashiba (My superstar sister) was exited so much. I was like in dilemma of going or not going because I had to stay in the restaurant to help mom and dad. My heart was divided into two, one part wanted to stay with my mom and dad and other part was glancing over to Abhishek and of course fun. Finally, mum and dad permitted me to go as it was Friday and this day is the day when we don’t get peak customer hours.

Throughout the whole journey Abhishek was with me. That journey was so amazing. Up and Downs over the hill, looking over the hills and turnings which was scary. I was really annoyed by my cousin Sushil but still I managed to control my anger. Sushma (My cousin) looked so funny when she slept in the van. The way was so messed up! We went to the destination, singing and dancing and fighting for the space in the van and an anxious sleep.

Guide divided us to the 2 groups. One was ours, the younger ones and one with oldies. The river Trishuli known as a violent river of Nepal was the river we were going to raft up in. We all were putting on our gears and Abhishek came near me and told that he was going to sit with me else he wasn’t going to raft. I told him that guides were managing them to raft on the small river. He told over and over and over that he was going to stay with me. But later I shouted No! He got disappointed.

Later we were given a lecture on how we were going to act as per his command and instruction. We went to raft and surprisingly Abhishek was placed right next to me. I thought they were going to raft on Small River aside but the small they meant was the same river we were rafting on and I was now cautious about the safety of Abhishek more than mine. I told him to make a grip and the guide also helped every one of us to lock our feet properly so that we won’t slip off. Abhishek told me one thing before we began rafting. He said “See! I told you that we were going to raft together”. I told him sorry for being rude. He smiled childishly, his awesome smile at his 7th year of life.

We enjoyed a lot and Abhishek and my niece Saphal were dropped in the middle of the adventure because it was now turn for rapids that could be dangerous for the kids. They went. The journey continued and we went through falls and waves. The strongest thing I did was I got down in the river and felt its coolness. Anil, Nashiba, Apsara, Sushil, Sushma everyone were in water. Wow! That was interesting. We then completed our adventure. Ate awesome food and pickle and wine in the hotel and got our self ready to get back home. But the plan was to stay at Sanga, where the world’s tallest statue of lord Shiva lies. There was a resort and we were staying there for a night.

We were again in the same bus, everyone telling about the experiences. I was feeling tired and so was Abhishek. He was in my lap and talking about his school and friends and studies. He would answer me and he would ask me an unruffled questions. I would answer that. We laughed and enjoyed a lot. He was 7 by his age but he reflected the talks of an adult. They were like a hymn and he was so natural. In the middle of the way I got banged by the head of Abhishek and that literally gave a pain and same with Abhishek but he turned back and cared my pain by his little hands asking “Dukhyo” which means “Did that hurt?” in Nepali. I replied no and he hugged me swiftly. We had to get on to other vehicle from Kathmandu to reach our destination, Sanga and there I and Abhi were separated to one another. We travelled for distance.  We reached Sanga and I found Abhishek crying so much in his dad arms. I ran and asked what happened and Pashupati uncle told that he was crying without any reason. The room was then booked where I directly went to room where Abhishek was. He was sitting with me happily. He stopped crying but suddenly my brother-in law came and told my room was other. Abhishek cried again and finally Abhishek won. I was going to be with him in the night. We had dinner together, we roamed around together and we slept together. In that cherished fun we forgot the reality that they weren’t going to be with us forever. It had been used to getting hit by Apsara, getting so much awesome business talks with Anil and the enthral moments that I spent with my best brother in the Universe. Between those beautiful days I never missed a chance to expose my affection that I had with my brother. I went to sleepover at aunts home where Abhi slept in my arms and aunt took him assuming “ I was bothered” but I couldn’t even dare telling that I loved it when he felt comfortable on my arms and began dreaming. I was just too much into the hoarfrost and stance I had.

Finally, it was 21st November, Wednesday. The last day they were going to be in Nepal. The next day was going to be a day that was going to bring a lot of change in our relation. We all were gathered in Sushma’s house and I was somewhere collapsed beneath the big sky, gallant stars and wondering clouds. I was seeing my brother for the final night that time. It itself was making me too much emotional. I loved him too much. I was in terrace from where I saw Sushma, Alisha, Anika, Apsara, Nashiba, Sophin crying together and being serious about 21st December 2012, when everyone thought that the world was going to end. I saw my brother running in the terrace, happy and childish plays, innocent and loving. Abhishek was really the factor that changed my world and still is the one whom I love the most. Everyone planned to go to Rajkumar Dais home and we went there. I carried Abhishek in the way and unknowingly I was falling tears and Abhishek again today cleared up the tears and told “I won’t forget you!” He is such a child who knows how to react with the situation. I was making plans of calling them every week so that I will be memorized (Well that was crazy I know). I left them late and came back to my room. I didn’t sleep much. Woke up around 4 AM and ran towards Aunts home. I got everything was packed up. Abhishek was telling me about what made us so close. He was happy that he was going. I had to look happy. We snapped the final picture. Anil, I and Abhishek helped to carry out the luggage inside the car. Everyone was crying. I cried too as I think I am the most emotional guy in the world. Actually I have both characters, Rigid when I should be and Emotional when situation makes me so. I cried like no one saw. My tears and emotions sustained in my throat giving back immortal pain. Anil was the one who cried first. He actually did. I hugged him and I dropped one drop tear and then we were all ready to go at Airport.

In the car, everything I felt and flashed was about the fun we had but Abhishek mostly. Everything flashed as a movie, a real movie where my real dreams came true, where I got a brother whom I always wanted in my life. I am proud I have a family, a big family. I cried a lot that Thursday, 22nd November 2012. More the airport was near; the more troublesome it would be for me. Abhishek was frequently watching me but he was helpless to do anything. Finally we reached airport, got the luggage out and some started crying again. I was louder one. I took the blessings and did final Namaste to everyone. I hugged Tulsi aunt tightly. Told Apsara to hit me hard for final time, gave my brother a final hug. I was and I am happy everyday to get the biggest bequest I earned. Gift I am never going to get in my entire life. An endowment which can’t be replaced by anyone. And then he went.

But the story doesn’t end here!


I once strived killing myself
So dim I was to end up being coward
I was still a child
I had passions to follow and dreams to build up
But was it necessary to incise off and bleed to give up?
Oh yeah, so dreary I was
I was dimming up my hope but actually it was yet to gleam up.

I hadn’t had a justification for i was emotionally seized
Nor I could open-up with everyone like “Cool”
The audacious attitude if I was suppose to bring out
I was afraid if people called me fool;
I was still on the mirage and letting my prejudice to drool
So perplexed I was
The dumbness of delusion I was on; malfunctioned my life at school

The higher I went, more cautious I became about falling off
The attempt of bringing up the rear identity in ones eye; constrained me to get more love
I forced and obligated to disentangle my perspective in their observe
It made me complex to understand and then dissatisfaction it shoves
The more I wanted to be the champion; i was however made super flopped
So sorry I was
The protagonist i wanted to be and fail in the consequences it brought

What is life actually? The answer is still unknown But with all those intend that god made me for The new pathway it has shone We all move through highs and lows Easing and tackling along; this is what makes us grown So foolish I was I knew i was tangled on mesh but didn’t knew what made me lone

The inflation occurs and deflates us all; The desperation rises, melancholy it cause I admit that I focused much on external glory; And my happiness, Shit! It paused Didn’t implicit what I really crave to subsist amid My core discussed with compassion and intellect So dense I was They stopped working together rather I let them to clause

Then I suddenly fondled with someone I deserved
Who knows what I can do in true and real
My mom, dad, brothers and sisters are there
But to find one who listen me up was for me a big deal
I craved my words and shared to an archangel
The paradox I walloped in my head was slowly being crystal clear
So Lucky I Am Now I have a best friend aside; so amazing so dear

I have a reason to be alive
And everyone has a reason within them self for why they are tagged special
The symphony of beautiful breeze of nature
Makes everyone of us mystifying, so pleasant ,so essential
We all have a passion to reach on what we want
So fluky I am now
My eyes can recognize myself; O wow! I’m so potential

I wish for the happiness among you all
Negotiate the way you covet to get in touch with; be yourself concerned
The value you have for you values much than in others glimpse
Be satisfied with what you have; be happy with what you’ve earned
The world is beautiful, don’t live it for reason
So amazing it is,
Vast it takes us on and more it makes us able to get learned

So feel who we are
Be who we are
The past is past let’s not regret
Moving ahead is of course taking us far
The world we make within our self is what makes us happy
So Happy I am now –
to be alive It has made me my world’s only star, mesmerizing star

Beyond The Boundary

I’m an ordinary guy wit ordinary life and thought. I’m a soul with pigmented dreams within an echoed darkness. I’m a human with a friend who have made my world a complete place to live.And this is my story.
Somewhere in this lavish earth,there I belonged chasing my own shadow with the unspoken rivalry between my isolation and companionship. Meanwhile, I found a zenith of good friendship whom I like to call a Best Friend.
Proverb says ,”Nobody on the earth receive the two hemisphere.” But it is my life which got such a sailor who anchored my drifting spirit at the shore of constancy. I was alone once,and now, I have to scrutinize my dictionary to find out what the word actually man. In short, it is the strong disquisition for my life is no longer the same as it used to be my loneliness has been replaced with a fear of losing my dearest friend by any cardinal blow of fate and I’m on the hunch of the invariant dilemma,continuously -“Wondering between the two world,far beyond the boundary.”
It was when I was on the depth of the despair praying the lord for sending the gleam of hope which penetrate my grief throughout and bring the glaze of smile on my face. I was totally lost on my immature thought ad was seeking if someone can ease me emotionally. I felt like I was all alone despite of being in the limelight of an engrossed family. In the circle of my friendship, I lacked the one who could cleanly understand.
On those harsh time, I got a best friend aside me who built me as a confident spirit. When everything was into negative ,he taught me to seek positive outlook. Sooner he became the one who knew all the nitty-gritties of my life. The dream I shared with a best-friend began to be identical and when I was afraid if it gets scattered, he held up the mirror and show me heart. That fortunately brought the positive perception in me.
I had certainly lost the faith from having a close mate after being abhorrent because of various trifle issues, he abridged my logic and collapsed it. He belongs to the place which is far across the border of countries,he speak the language I can hardly understand but we are bound together sharing the open,broad and a single sky.


Some Days Before

Some Days Before I Would Stare At Stars
I Was Overwhelmed By The Company I Saw
No Expectations No Desires They Just Shone
Equal They Seemed No Cause—No Flaw

Some Days Before I Would Whisper With Breeze
I Was Mesmerized By The Swift It Blew
Neither It Throbbed Nor It Hurt
Rather It Sang With Me Among Ruthless Crew

Some Days Before I Would Walk On Dark
I Was Enchanted By The Calm It Had
No Showoff,It Seemed A Real World
Together Along We Were Happy So Glad

Now I Walk On Bright And Still The Breeze Sings
When I See The Stars I Am Still Overwhelmed
Nights Are Awesome Since I Can Pour Everything
I Have My Hugs To Receive And Loves To Send